• July 19, 2024

What Children Look Like Today on the Cosby Show

Comedian Bill Cosby is keeping education in tip-top shape. General foods is endowing $50,000 scholarships in Cosby’s name to Temple University and Tougaloo College to honor its Jell-O spokesman. Enjoying the ride is Cosby Show co-star Keshia Knight Pulliam.

What The Cosby Show Kids Look Like Today
If you’re like us, you’ve probably binge-watched a sitcom or two in your life. After all, who doesn’t like a funny story? Throw in a well-rounded cast of characters and some outrageous misadventures and you’ll understand why the genre is such a staple in the cultural zeitgeist. Given their popularity today, you may be surprised to learn that sitcoms were nearly extinct a few decades ago. Due to lackluster ratings, television executives felt that the genre was “dead”. But when “The Cosby Show” premiered in 1984, it made the genre come back in a big way.
“The Cosby Show” focuses on the Huxtables, a happy and wholesome family of seven. For five consecutive years, it was the number one drama. In addition to its commercial success, “The Cosby Show” also provides valuable representation for Black families. The show achieved a lot – however, many would argue that its biggest champions were the Huxtable children and their friends, thereby conveying profound moral messages positivity and family values of the program. It’s been fun watching them grow up throughout eight seasons of “The Cosby Show” — but where did those child actors end up?

Some of the kids who were on the “Cosby Show” are still in the spotlight — you might even see them in some of your favorite movies and TV series — while others are keeping a low profile count and focus on other efforts. Scroll through to see how they’ve changed over the decades.
Sabrina Le Beauf plays Sondra Huxtable, the eldest Huxtable sibling. Sondra was a college sophomore when she first appeared on “The Cosby Show,” but by the final season, she married Elvin Tibideaux, had twins and became a successful lawyer. Like his “Cosby Show” character, Le Beauf was ambitious and academically gifted. After studying at UCLA and Yale, she became a Shakespearean actress. Le Beauf continued to perform on stage during and after her tenure on “The Cosby Show.” Despite his fame on the iconic sitcom, Le Beauf still felt artistically stifled as an actor. “Having been on the show for five years, I still can’t do what I can do,” she told the Washington Post in 1989. “I feel cheated when 55 million people a week watch something that isn’t my best work.” .”

After the series ended, Le Beauf began his stage career, starring in productions of “King Lear”, “Love’s Labour’s Lost” and many other productions. But in the mid-1990s, she charted a completely different career path when she became an interior designer. Nowadays, Le Beauf seems to have completely moved away from acting. Still, she’s ultimately grateful for her “Cosby Show” experience. In 1999, the actor told People: “Even though we’re a black family, everyone, regardless of race, can relate to us. People need it, they want it, they ready for it. I didn’t realize how lucky I was.” participated in that program.

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