• June 16, 2024

Vegan Hamburgers – A Drama Short Story by Ariana Tibi – Reedsy Prompts

WOW. I cannot believe that just happened. I went to AJ’s studio and almost walked out with a record deal. I was sober, too. He started rolling a joint and offered me some but I immediately said no. Last week, I had drinks at Lighthouse Studios and the executive was totally judging me when I got into my car. Anyway, AJ wants to record me!!!

This sounds weird but on the drive home, I swear I felt the presence of god or whatever in my windshield. I paused at a stop sign to see if I could bottle up the feeling. For a moment I even forgot that Nora and I broke up.

Hey god…ha…it’s me…if you give me this record deal, I swear I’ll never drink and drive again. 

I’m gonna practice “Heartbreaker” for a little bit then go to bed. Actually, I’m gonna smoke first. This is so fucking exciting.

March 1st, 2020


Awkward that the last thing I wrote about was AJ. Yeah, that fell through. Prick. I did kinda break my end of the deal with god or whatever, but it’s been two weeks since my last drink. Some kind of flu kicked my ass for 14 days and I almost went to the ER. I did lose like 7 pounds though!

Anyway, today is Vero’s drag show so I’m putting on my tight black dress – the one Nora loved – and meeting Sasha for brunch. I literally just got color back in my face though so I won’t go too hard.

You know what? Maybe I won’t even drink at all! Mocktails and water, baby.

Did Nora really like that dress? Or did I just buy it because I thought she would? SEE THE NEXT PART AFTER

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