• June 16, 2024

Trump wins 2024 New Hampshire primary as Haley vows to continue fight

Washington — Former President Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Republican primary, CBS News projected, defeating his sole remaining rival, Nikki Haley, in a victory that further cemented his status as the clear front-runner to become the GOP’s 2024 presidential nominee.

Trump’s win in the Granite State dealt a blow to Haley’s efforts to unite an anti-Trump coalition of moderate Republicans and independents capable of slowing his march to the nomination.

Speaking after Trump’s victory came into focus, Haley said she would remain in the race, telling supporters that “this race is far from over.”

“I have news for all of you — New Hampshire is first in the nation, it is not the last in the nation,” she said.

The former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina governor faced immediate pressure from Trump supporters to drop out of the race and unite the party, a preview of the likely next phase of the campaign. Trump declared victory soon after she spoke and criticized the upbeat tone of her speech, saying she had a “very bad night.”

Haley had been closing the gap with Trump in the weeks leading up to New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, and the electorate in Tuesday’s contest was far more moderate than the voters who delivered Trump’s victory in the Iowa caucuses. Republicans eager for an alternative to Trump had hoped that the state’s large number of independent voters, who could participate in either party’s contest, would propel Haley to victory, but the time and money she and her backers devoted ultimately weren’t enough to loosen Trump’s grip on the GOP.

With his win in New Hampshire and decisive victory in Iowa, Trump has now topped the first two contests of the 2024 election cycle. The winners of the primary in the Granite State in the last four competitive election cycles have gone on to secure the party’s presidential nomination, including Trump in 2016. No Republican in the modern primary era has lost the nomination after winning both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Twenty-two Republican delegates out of the 2,391 up for grabs nationwide were at stake in New Hampshire, which allocates delegates proportional to a candidate’s share of the vote in the state. Trump was projected to win at least 12 delegates, and Haley was projected to win at least nine.

Trump takes aim at Haley, saying she had a “very bad night”

Trump celebrated his win late Tuesday in a victory speech in Nashua while railing against Haley for celebrating her second-place finish.

Flanked by the likes of former White House hopefuls Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina and Vivek Ramaswamy, along with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Trump criticized Haley without naming her, saying she had a “very bad night.”

“She’s doing a speech like she won. She didn’t win, she lost,” Trump said.

Trump briefly ceded the microphone to Ramaswamy, who said Haley’s continued presence in the race is representative of the “ugly underbelly of American politics.”

“This man will win it in a landslide,” Ramaswamy said.

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