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The Waltons – The Journey (1973)

This episode of the television program “The Waltons” shows a United States Liberty Head $20 gold piece.

The CBS and Lorimar Productions television program “The Waltons” is about a large family living in the Appalachian or Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia during the 1930’s economic depression.

John and Olivia Walton are a married couple who live near the (fictional) town of Walton’s Mountain. They have seven children, John-Boy, Mary Ellen, Jason, Erin, Ben, Jim-Bob, and Elizabeth, but not all of the children appear in this episode.

This episode is titled “The Journey” and was first broadcast on September 13, 1973. John-Boy Walton, the oldest child, drives an elderly woman, Mrs. Maggie MacKenzie, to a seashore resort so that she can relive her honeymoon visit 55 years before in 1879 before she dies.

Mrs. MacKenzie shows John-Boy a United States $20 gold piece dated 1879 which was given to her as a wedding present.

The Waltons - The Journey1. Program title

The program opens with John-Boy, an aspiring writer, giving an introduction.

Growing up in a family as large and as close as mine made it hard to realize that there were many people who lived in loneliness and solitude. However, the realization of that sad truth also brought me close to a remarkable woman and sent me on a journey that I was to remember for the rest of my life.

The Waltons live in a large house on a farm or ranch. Some members appear in this scene.

The Waltons - The Journey2. The Walton Family

John-Boy has been trying to get a date with the local beauty, Marcia Woolery, for a school dance. She hasn’t given him a direct answer, but John-Boy, hopeful, goes to the general store to buy a pair of new pants.

The Waltons - The Journey3. Walton truck at the general store

Inside the store John-Boy looks at clothing.

The Waltons - The Journey4. John-Boy tries on new pants

Marcia happens to be in the store when John-Boy tries on a pair of pants. Later at school he asks her again for a date.

The Waltons - The Journey5. John-Boy asks Marcia again

She plays with him and then agrees to go with him. John-Boy heads to the store to purchase the “imported wool” pants for $2.35. The price illustrates the 1930’s depression value of clothing.

Dr. Vance, the town doctor, visits Mrs. Maggie MacKenzie, an elderly woman with a heart problem.

The Waltons - The Journey6. Dr. Vance sees Mrs. MacKenzie

Dr. Vance tells her to stop driving (she owns a 1920’s Model A Ford). John-Boy’s grandmother knows her and she asks John-Boy to come over for a visit and to fix her car.

The Waltons - The Journey7. John-Boy and Mrs. MacKenzie

She shows him a picture album with photographs of her husband and the ship on which she arrived from Scotland in 1879.

The Waltons - The Journey8. Photographs of young Mr. and Mrs. MacKenzie

Mr. MacKenzie, already in America, met the ship and the ship captain married them.

The Waltons - The Journey9. Shipboard wedding

Mrs. MacKenzie shows John-Boy something else.

The Waltons - The Journey

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