• May 26, 2024

The Waltons Singing ‘I’ll Fly Away’ Is A Charming Throwback To Simpler Times

This vintage clip of The Waltons singing ‘I’ll Fly Away’ stirs up all kinds of nostalgia. And this trip back to a simpler time is just what I needed today!

“I’ll Fly Away” is one of the most performed songs in the world. Not only are there a multitude of recordings of the song, but also the innumerable public and private performances made in formal concerts and jam sessions.

But we all know who did the perfect rendition of the song. Why, none other than the Waltons singing ‘I’ll Fly Away’.

Vintage Clip From Classic TV Show

The classic clip of The Waltons singing ‘I’ll Fly Away’ first debuted in season five of the show. It aired for the first time on February 17, 1977.

The backstory before this amazing clip is Mary Ellen, Curt, Erin, Jim-Bob, and Elizabeth wait at the bus station for the arrival of Venessa, Curt’s little sister. She has left her husband Taylor behind in the little grey town they lived in. Jason drops off some garden veggies at Mary Ellen’s and meets Vanessa. She was playing her guitar when she told him that she has ambitions of becoming a singer. She is impressed when she learns that he plays music at the Dew Drop Inn.

The clip opens with Jason Walton and Venessa Linda Purl sitting on tire swings. They’re learning the beat, the rhythm, and how to pair their voices together. The two-minute-long clip follows their progression, from barely knowing the tune to the Waltons singing ‘I’ll Fly Away’ with perfection.

With almost 400,000 views and growing, it’s no wonder this special clip is going viral. The Waltons take us all back to a simpler time when this show up-lifted our spirits, gave us a good chuckle, and helped us navigate some of life’s toughest lessons.

When the clip was first aired on Youtube, several people commented how they missed TV shows like this. One woman said, “…when is this type of programming going to return to my TV set? These times made us what we are.”


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