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Keeping Up Appearances is rightly regarded as a TV classic more than 30 years after it first aired. The sitcom, starring Patricia Routledge as class-obsessed Hyacinth Bucket, is fondly remembered by viewers and still repeated by the BBC today.

Hyacinth – who lived with her husband Richard and insisted her surname was pronounced ‘bouquet’ – was nothing if not houseproud, perennially seen with a duster in hand and inordinately protective of her “Royal Doulton with the hand-painted periwinkles”. And the house where the comedy was filmed remains something of a tourist attraction today.

The programme was filmed in many locations across the West Midlands but two of the show’s most famous shots are in Coventry, reports CoventryLive. Hyacinth’s famous house, along with the property where her neighbours Elizabeth and Emmet lived, are located on Heather Road in Binley Woods.

Rosemary Healey, who owned the house from before filming began, spoke to CoventryLive about living there and Keeping Up Appearances’ legacy. “I’ve been here for 45 years and I was at work when the BBC first came round to ask about filming at my home,” she said.

Lights, camera... but very little action. That was the scene as a camera crew filmed a pilot TV comedy at a Coventry house. "Keeping up Appearances" Actress Patricia Routledge stands outside the home of Tony and Rose Healey

Patricia Routledge stands outside the house

“My son answered the door and told me they would come back the next day, which they did. They had contacted estate agents in the city looking for a property to film as Hyacinth’s home. Mine was chosen because, before we had the extension, you could talk door-to-door with my next-door neighbour.”

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Rosemary said the number of fans who pass by her home proves the programme still has a strong following. “We get lots of people coming to take photos and occasionally get people knocking on the door. It’s never been a problem though,” she said.

The Coventry street where Onslow and Daisy lived in the sitcom, Keeping Up Appearances

The Coventry street where Onslow and Daisy lived in the sitcom, Keeping Up Appearances (Image: Coventry Live)

CoventryLive also went to visit the house on Michell Close in Coventry where Hyacinth’s sister Daisy lived with her husband, Onslow. Unfortunately, the householders weren’t in when they stopped by.

However, they did manage to speak to one neighbour who, while they did not live in the area at the time of filming, are fans of the show and enjoy seeing their house on TV. The neighbour said: “I watch it to this day. Of course, the street has changed a lot since then. I still say ‘there’s our house!’ whenever it appears on TV. When people ask where I live I say ‘Michell Close, from Keeping Up Appearances’.”

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