• June 16, 2024

Michael Learned always wanted an opportunity to play a ”nasty lady”

Be honest, you probably wanted Olivia Walton to be your mother, right? Smart, sincere, and mature, she was every child’s dream mother. However, it seemed that Michael Learned was dreaming of other roles after her time as the Walton matriarch.

In an interview with The Leader-Post, Learned revealed, “I keep waiting to hear someone say they’d like to cast me as a villainous character, but that doesn’t happen. Instead, I get calls to play the good woman; the strong woman; someone who can face problems without falling apart, and manages, at the same time, to keep everyone else from falling apart as well. She is devoted to her family, feeds stray animals, and does everything right.”

While the part of Olivia Walton was the role of a lifetime, it definitely led Learned to a journey of fighting typecasting. She reasoned, “I’m sure that when they’re casting for these productions and someone suggests me, someone else will probably say: We can’t use her. She’s the mother from The Waltons.”

However, she revealed that her hope was waning. She continued, “I’ve almost given up. But maybe someday I’ll have a chance to play one of those nasty ladies.”

One might wonder whether Learned regretted taking the role of Olivia Walton. In an interview with The Record-Journal, Learned wasn’t regretful, but rather, reflective. She said, “I wouldn’t say that I’m haunted by Olivia Walton, but something stuck. I keep getting cast as 50-55-year-old women, and of course, they’re always so nice.”

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