• June 16, 2024

Kevin Hart Claimed Drugs Ruined Katt Williams’ Career and Reputation, Williams Claims He was ‘Scared Straight’ By Addicts

Katt Williams‘ expression of vitriol for Kevin Hart and claims that he took a shortcut to superstardom have turned fans into pseudo-investigative journalists, digging up the origins of the comic’s grievances.

Williams has been the number one topic of conversation since his unleashed “Club Shay Shay” podcast appearance on Jan. 3. He called out several comedy peers for the damning comments they have made about him in the media, most notably on host Shannon Sharpe’s podcast platform.

Clip of Kevin Hart (left) accusing Katt Williams (right) of drug use resurface after Williams took aim at his fellow comic in a viral interview published this week. (Photos: @Kevinhart/Instagram; @Kattwilliams/Instagram.)

But in regards to Hart, who has yet to appear on the show, Williams views the mogul-in-the-making as a sellout who allowed white executives to use him as a puppet, putting him in a dress for laughs, and selling his soul for success.

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The “Friday After Next” actor also carries hard feelings for the “Real Husbands of Hollywood” star for further spreading the narrative that Williams’ once-undeniable trajectory of stardom was derailed by his rumored drug addiction.

While promoting his film “Night School” in 2018, Hart said that Williams failed to take responsibility for his actions and that his detour from being a bigger star is not the fault of the “white man” or others.

“You were the guy. You were set up to be the star,” said the standup comic on “The Breakfast Club.” “You didn’t show up to work. You f—ked off promo shoots. You f—ked off your promo f—king, uh, the trips they had set up for you. You became a risk to the studios, which is why the studios quit f—king with you.”

When asked by Charlamagne Tha God why Williams was a risk, Hart plainly stated, “He chose drugs.” He would go on to say he admires his peer despite the “fictional world” he lives in.

When Hart’s comment resurfaced on The Shade Room, Instagram users wrote comments like, “They lied to Kev and told him drugs was the reason. Katt just chose not to sell his soul” and “Saying a man chose drugs over his career without having proof is wild.”

On “Club Shay Shay,” the “World War III” comic was adamant that his “temple” was clean of narcotics, excluding marijuana and alcohol. Williams said that being homeless at age 13 in a Coconut Grove, Florida, park with adults taught him that no good would ever come from drug use.

“Everybody story was I had my life together and then I decided to do this dumb thing. … What! Talk about scared straight. You ain’t got to worry ’bout me,” he said.

Williams also snubbed Hart when he claimed that roles he passed on have helped his foe build his résumé. The HartBeat Production founder issued a subtle response, saying it was sad that he still had hate in his heart.

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