• June 16, 2024

‘I Am Completely Innocent’: Brandi Glanville Accuses Bravo Producers of ‘Encouraging’ Her and Co-Stars to Drink While Filming Season 5

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Source: ZUMAPRESS.com / MEGABrandi Glanville claimed Bravo “encouraged” drinking while filming season 5 of ‘Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.’

Reality star Brandi Glanville professed her innocence while accusing Bravo producers of “encouraging” her and other costars to get liquored up while filming two months after a butler from season 2 sued the network for alleged sexual abuse.

RadarOnline.com has learned that Glanville took to Twitter with a series of messages including a never-before-seen text that was allegedly sent to her when cameras were rolling for Season 5 of the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.

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“You, Vicki [Gunvalson] and Eva [Marcille] should pull Phaedra [Parks] aside to talk about your drinking game set up for today while at the spice market,” the text read from an unspecified person on Jan. 24.

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She said that although producers don’t “shove the alcohol down our throats,” they persuade it “even in Morocco during the day where it’s illegal to drink.”

“It is completely illegal to walk around a spice market and the shopping areas in Morocco with water bottles filled with vodka. There are designated places that you are allowed to drink and it’s mostly at night,” Glanville continued.

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In response to a recent article about the fate of RHUGT, Glanville fired back over the weekend and declared “this is character assassination.”

“I am f—— innocent producer told Marco to dance,” claiming the only time she had interaction with him was to rip off his shirt. “I was doing what I was told,” she added.

Marco Vega, a butler from season 2, claimed he was sexually abused during a party at Dorinda Medley‘s Massachusetts mansion in September 2021, having since taken legal action against Bravo and affiliates, including Warner Brothers Entertainment, NBCUniversal Media, and Peacock TV LLC.

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Glanville took to Twitter with a series of messages including a never-before-seen text that was allegedly sent to her.

Vega alleged that he had been “sexually harassed and abused” by Glanville, but did not list her as a defendant in his lawsuit. Attorneys, however, argued that her “sexually aggressive and offensive conduct” was “allowed, condoned and even encouraged.”

Vega is seeking punitive damages, attorneys fees, costs, and disbursements of action.

Glanville fired back to rumors swirling about her in a new post via X, formerly Twitter, and said her interaction with a season 5 butler was carefully crafted.

“I am completely innocent, the producers ask you to do something. And then you get in trouble for it!!!! The producers need to follow the rules!” she continued.

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Glanville denied wrongdoing in the Manzo incident and said it was a “set up” to create a storyline.

“Our butler in Morocco was told to flirt with me specifically, I asked him if he had a girlfriend he said yes, and I told him not to do it, and I did not participate. He was lovely. I didn’t want his life ruined!” Glanville went on.

Glanville, meanwhile, has denied wrongdoing after being accused of allegedly touching fellow reality star Caroline Manzo‘s “breast area and vaginal area” over her clothes.


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