• July 19, 2024

How well do you remember the time Naomi nearly left Vinton for a rich man?

  1. Naomi reveals that Vinton is her _____ husband.
  2. When Naomi’s ex-husband shows up, now a rich man, how much does he say he’s worth?
  3. In what business did Leonard make his fortune?
  4. Trying to impress Leonard when he shows up at the Harper house, where does Naomi say the family is going, even though they all look like this:
  5. What is in the present that Leonard brought with him to the Harper household?
  6. After Leonard leaves the Harper household, why does Mama give Naomi this look?
  7. When Leonard says “Looks like the best man won,” who is he referring to?
  8. After Leonard heads back to Florida, what game do Mama, Fran, Vinton and Naomie all play together?

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