• July 19, 2024

How well do you remember the first credits sequence for The Waltons?

It’s hard to believe The Waltons premiered 50 years ago in September of 1972. The wholesome family drama entertained audiences into the early 1980s during its initial run and has continued to delight fans new and old in the decades since.

Hearing the familiar theme song instantly conjures images from Walton’s Mountain and no doubt brings to mind the sepia-toned opening used at the beginning of every episode starting in season two.

For the very first season, however, the show used footage of the Walton house and yard while introducing the large family in the credits. How well do you remember this early opening sequence? Put your knowledge to the test below!

*available in most MeTV markets

  1. What is the very first thing seen in the credits sequence?
  2. What does John-Boy hear while writing by the window?
  3. Who is driving the truck?
  4. What was added to Michael Learned’s credit in case viewers were confused by her name?
  5. Will Geer was credited “as” what?
  6. What does John take out of the truck?
  7. Who is the last Walton child to join everyone on the front steps?
  8. The family dog is seen throughout the sequence. Do you remember its name?
  9. What happens after Elizabeth runs into John-Boy’s arms?
  10. The creator of The Waltons based the show on his own childhood. What was his name?

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