• June 16, 2024

‘God Forbid’: Britney Spears Explains Why She Doesn’t Really Go Out Anymore

For being one of the most talked about people in the entire worldBritney Spears typically spends a lot of time at home. In her younger days, the legendary pop star went through phases where she was regularly seen about town, but apart from incredible vacations and the occasional night or meal out, she most often sticks to familiar surroundings. It turns out there’s a reason for that. After decades of being hounded by the fans and the press, she’s now “scared of the outside world.”

Spears made the admission as part of a larger social media post over the weekend in which she laid out her feelings stream of consciousness style about a lot of things going on in her life. Apparently she’s been fighting a lingering cold for a few months. Apparently she’s been getting into stenciling and doing artwork on her walls. Apparently she recently watched Evil. As a huge Britney Spears fan, I was here for all the admissions, but the part about her views on going outside really hit home with me. Here’s a portion of her quote…

I’m scared of the outside world because god forbid I break a foot and someone calls an ambulance so I don’t go out much.

People are interpreting this quote in different ways on social media, especially because she was involved in an alleged incident where an ambulance was called for her while she was staying at a hotel. I think that’s definitely a reference point, but my takeaway is more broad and about what her life looks like as a megastar. Let’s say she goes out and something weird and unexpected happens, whether through her own fault or not. In this case, it’s breaking her foot. For an ordinary person, they’d call an ambulance and go to the hospital to take care of it, but if that happened with Britney Spears, it would be the talk of the entire establishment.

People would stop what they’re doing and gawk at her. They’d call their friends and family and take videos, as we’ve seen of Spears in restaurants. Then if someone called an ambulance, there’d be videos of that. People would call the press. It would turn into a gigantic ordeal in the way it wouldn’t if any of us broke our foot. That hypothetical situation is a microcosm of what she lives with. Everything she does, particularly when it happens in public, blows up to a degree we couldn’t understand.


It must be quite the burden to carry around. Fortunately for Spears, as she revealed in other parts of her social media post, there are also plenty of very relatable joys in her life.

I tried BBQ Doritos for the first time and I liked it !!!

As much as Britney’s life is completely different than the rest of our’s, as much as she lives an extravagant life where merely going out is a potentially problematic ordeal, she’s also exactly the same as the rest of us. At the end of a hard day, all she really wants to do is try some new chips and hope they’re fantastic. Luckily for her, BBQ Doritos are fantastic and thinking about her eating them on the couch like the rest of us makes me really happy.

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