• June 16, 2024

Gabrielle Union Claps Back at Fan Months After Revealing She and Dwyane Wade Split Their Household Bills: ‘I Thought 50/50 Was No Bueno’

Gabrielle Union‘s remarks about going 50/50 with her retired NBA baller husband Dwyane Wade have ruffled the feathers of many since last May.

The “Perfect Find” star admitted that she and Wade “split everything 50/50,” during a conversation with Bloomberg Originals’ “Idea Generation.”

Dwyane Wade says he was nervous about going into business with his wife Gabrielle Union despite their 50/50 household agreement.
Dwyane Wade has said he was nervous about going into business with his wife Gabrielle Union despite their 50/50 household agreement. (Photo: @gabunion/Instagram.)

She said she had financial anxiety despite being a paid actress since the late 1990s and being married to a former NBA player with a net worth of over $200 million. A month later in June, Wade confirmed they go 50/50 due to having separate financial responsibilities out of their household.

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The 50/50 discourse came up again recently after Union responded to a fan on X who said, “B—-s rather pay all her bills than to submit to a man and pay 50/50.”

“Wholeup wholeup wholeup I thought 50/50 was no bueno,” she replied. “And wouldn’t 50/50 be “submitting” to one another? And what precisely do we need to do to not be considered a b—h?”

Union’s response received mixed reactions from fans online, including many who applauded her for gathering the fan, writing “gathered by Gabrielle,” and “Gabby got time today folks.”

Some agreed that “50/50 ain’t about submitting, it’s about paying the bills,” but others believe it’s more about control.

“Simple women don’t need him for bills or submission! The truth is he needs the 50% off his bills and to have dominion over someone to feel like a man he’ll never be! And he meant bad b—h, because that’s what he’s actually describing!” wrote one person on X.

Yet, a small handful claim Union was missing the entire point of the man’s post. “Gabby you misunderstood.. I think what they were saying is you going 50/50 with a man that makes what Dwayne makes is crazy.”

Wade has two children, Zaire and Zaya, from his previous marriage, and another son, Xavier, who was born just before marrying Union. Despite being married for nearly a decade, Union and Wade only share one biological child together, daughter, Kaavia, who was born via surrogate in 2018. They split costs for her equally, not to mention they spend thousands each year on extravagant weeks-long family world tours to various countries.

But as Wade stated they each have financial responsibilities that were there before they ever tied the knot.

“She has her mother, she has her sisters, she has her dad, she has her, she has a lot of things that she’s responsible for. You know what she does? She pays 100 percent of that,” the father of four recalled on “Club Shay Shay.” “You know what I do? I pay 100 percent of my life.”

He added that they began splitting costs after he made a comment about the home they previously lived in, in Miami. “I said something about it being my house that I paid for. My wife looked at me and said, ‘You will never say that to me again when it’s something we share.’”

Aside from Wade and Union’s 50/50 talk, fans suspected the two had recently split or separated after noticing they had not shared photos of themselves together online. Those rumors have since been dispelled with new photos of them at Thanksgiving and sweet posts telling the world, “Family over everything.”

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