• May 26, 2024

Frozen in Snow – A Inspirational Short Story by Sapo Higueras – Reedsy Prompts

The footprints in the ground are the most noticeable part of it all.

Being in a snowy wasteland, every step is imprinted on the ground. No matter how much time passes, the snow never covers them. Every step over the years from my cabin, the forest, and the fishing hole are all on the ground. The trails make it easy to know where I’ve gone but also are a horrible reminder. A reminder of how alone I truly am here.

I don’t remember how I got here, although I don’t remember much in general. Waking up alone in the cabin for the first time was the hardest, but it hardly got easier from there. When I first awoke, the wooden walls of the simple, shoddy cabin felt so familiar yet foreign. Hoping to catch my bearings, I had left to see where I was. When I left then the snow on the ground was pristine and unbothered for as far as I could see. It glowed faintly from the moonlight. It was an astonishing scene which was only amplified by the snow hanging, unmoving, in the air. I could bat away snowflakes that would never hit the ground and they would stay wherever I put them. It was beautiful and it was horrifying.

I tried to run away. I ran into the woods to find some way out of the nightmare I was trapped in. It was dark and cold. No matter how far I ran I got nowhere. Just more trees, more floating snow. Eventually, when the cold began to overtake me, I followed my footprints back to the cabin to start a fire.

I tried to keep track of how long I was here at first. Tracked the days by my sleep cycles instead of the sun and moon. With time my sleep became inconsistent, and I could never tell if I had been asleep for an hour or eight. I got to 77 days before I gave up.

you wake up, everything looks the same and you do the same things you did before, life loses everything. Joy, sadness, fear, excitement, meaning. It leaves you feeling nothing but an empty void. Never live like that. I know that even in the ever-changing world you live in, monotony is such a common occurrence. Wake up, eat, work, sleep, repeat. It will drain your soul like nothing else. Do not allow yourself to become the shell of a person walking through the same steps you walk in every day. Don’t just be alive. Have a life.

I confess I do not remember who you are. This place has taken every memory I have from before it except for your name. But, even so, I know that I have and will always love you. I hope that in death I will remember more than just your name.


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