• July 19, 2024

Denise Kendall: Navy Wife

Denise and Martin prepared to go to the naval base in Rhode Island to see the house that they and Olivia would be living on there. However, when Denise was alone with Clair, she admitted to her that she forgot to call and confirm that she and Martin want the housing, which was what she was supposed to do while Martin was away at sea. It wasn’t until after Denise and Martin were sent into Captain Turvey’s office (which Martin found strange, since people who got housing at the naval base were sent straight to the housing referral office) and met him when Martin found out that Denise didn’t call and confirm the housing, and because of this, the couple had to go back on the waiting list and wait another six months before they would be offered housing again. In the meantime, they and Olivia had to stay at the Huxtable family’s house.

Later that night, Denise suggested that she and Martin should go to his parents’ house rather than back to her parents’ house, but Martin, still mad at her for her mistake, told her that they couldn’t because his mother couldn’t stand her, and that she thought Denise was just as flaky as his ex-wife. However, when the couple got back to the Huxtable family’s house, Martin took the blame for Denise’s mistake and insisted on paying Cliff full rent, but Cliff refused to take any money from him. Suspecting that Denise deliberately did not call and confirm the housing because she would have no family with her to help her take care of Olivia, Clair talked to Denise alone in the kitchen, telling her about when she herself was left to take care of Sondra on her own when the latter was a baby, and pretended to be sick to keep her mother from moving out and leaving her to take care of the baby Sondra herself. Clair tried to make a point from all this that Denise must soon leave home and take the responsibility of a wife and a mother, but she would be there to help when Denise would call her for it.

Meanwhile, Cliff spent some time with Olivia, and one of the things he did was explain to her his profession at his office, which was delivering babies, but she argued that it was the stork who delivered babies. Hoping to prove her wrong, Cliff asked her questions that would stump her, but no matter what he asked her, she always had the answer. However, in the end, he admitted defeat when she told him that what was inside a pregnant woman was not a baby, but gas.

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