• May 26, 2024

Bill Cosby’s Wife Camille in Control of $400 Million Estate as Money Issues Pile Up: Source

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Source: MEGABill Cosby’s wife, Camille, still has control of his fortune, which was one-time worth a reported $400 million.

Bill Cosby‘s wife, Camille, still has control of his fortune, which was one-time worth a reported $400 million. Sources connected to the famous family told RadarOnline.com that Bill and Camille are struggling financially — and she has the power of attorney over his assets and estate, meaning she technically has the right to do what she wants with his fortune.

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“When it comes to assets, everything is under Camille,” an insider said, adding that she was granted power of attorney when her husband was serving three years in a Pennsylvania prison for the 2004 sexual assault of Temple University executive Andrea Constand.

The comedian’s health became an issue when he was in prison.

Despite their alleged money woes, Bill and Camille’s marriage is solid.

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Bill underwent two “life-sustaining” surgeries in 2019 to clear blockage in his left and right carotid arteries. His high blood pressure also became a concern. The Bill Cosby Show star’s seemingly deteriorating health while inside prison was the reason why they decided to put Camille in charge, RadarOnline.com was told.

The insider shared that the plan was to remove her as the power of attorney after he was released from incarceration in 2021 when his sexual assault conviction was overturned, but it never happened.

RadarOnline.com reached out to Bill’s rep, Andrew Wyatt, who told us “no comment.”


Camille Cosby

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Source: MEGASources say Bill and Camille are “happily married” and determined to spend their remaining years together.

Our insider also alleged that Bill and Camille are “in financial turmoil” as civil lawsuits against the 86-year-old comedian pile up. We’re told the couple has been “liquidating” their assets, taking out “second mortgages,” and selling their beloved artwork.

Sources shared that Bill and Camille have been at odds over their household staffers, who allegedly haven’t been paid regularly.

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camille cosby power of attorney bills fortune

Source: MEGAThe two are allegedly in “financial turmoil.”

One connected insider alleged that Bill and Camille have not paid their staff in some time, with the actor telling his wife they “can’t live that lifestyle” anymore. He allegedly wants to fire some of their employees, but Camille won’t budge, alleging she can’t bear to function without their chef or staffers.

The source said Bill is “frustrated” over the matter, revealing it’s become a “major issue” in their home.

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