• June 16, 2024

An Enemy Unforeseen – A Inspirational Short Story by J.D. Price – Reedsy Prompts

There it came. A sentence passed as if the grim reaper himself sat in the chair opposite him. His form a sympathetic young doctor. The word “cancer” plagued his mind like an ancient curse. Upon reflection, the signs he dismissed as age now haunted him. He remembered now the difficulties he had breathing on long walks with his wife during their anniversary, and the humility of stopping for regular breaks. It was unbecoming of an ex soldier. His pride in his stamina was so strong that accepting it was difficult. In truth, his body was trying to warn him there was an enemy close by and he failed to notice. What else had he failed to see? His face and hands reflected his age, further complimented by his thinning brown hair. Nowhere could he see any other sign of malady.

“Hey,” said his wife. Her hand touched his, a great warmth in this cold reality. His wife looked at him, a determination blazing in her eyes. “The doctor has gone to consult with his colleagues. He will be back in a moment.” He studied her as she sat there. She had aged far better than he, not a grey strand in her stunning blonde hair. Only crows feet at the edges of her eyes had betrayed otherwise perfect beauty.

“ith one launching a projectile grenade into his hut. The sheer level of luck he received that night had snapped something inside his brain and two years later, he completed his service and got out. His frequent nightmares haunted him, reminding him of the possibility of not being here had he stayed in the hut. Despite that, he would choose to relive past battles instead of confronting the internal war within him. Now he was fighting an invisible foe who did not use conventional weapons and, in this case, could not be killed with simply a bullet. SEE THE NEXT PART AFTER

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